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StudySun is the first Arabic website specialized in schools and students from pre-school till college. Through lists of more than 40,000 schools and universities in the Middle East; in addition to parents assessment of their experience with the school; the website is a reliable guide for parents.


Dear School Principal

StudySun will help you get access to more parents looking for schools and thus achieve an increase in number of students registering with you.  This will be achieved through the following unique services:

  • Display; in a professional manner, of your school features and distinguished characteristics, so your school would be the school of choice.  Show your various shools facilities and exceptional activities that attract parents.  You can also display high school results for the last 3 years.

  • Make your page on StudySun more live by adding photos and videos that will impress parents even before visiting the school.

  • Word of mouth: let people talk for you and appraise your quality services through sets of ratings.  This will increase other parents appreciation to your school

Registration Types? 

StudySun classifies your school data into 2 main categories:

1.      Basic Details.  This includes the basic details of the school such as name, address, contact details, logo, etc.  The details are extracted from various resources.  This service is Free.  Call us NOW to keep your data up-to-date.

But, if you want to distinguish your school, you need more than the basic.

2.      Quality Data.  This includes the exceptional and quality features of your school which are too many to count in this small paragraph.  But for example, you can emphasize on the strength of your teaching by showing details of your extra curriculum, teachers qualifications, high school results for last 3 years, and much more.

In addition to this, you can get additional features:

  • Access to statistical data, such as: How many times your school page on StudySun has been viewed, or featured in the search results.

  • Know “what people are looking for?”  You will get report of most searched keywords or features.  If you don’t have it, you can work on making it happen so your school stays on top of people's choice.

  • And much more..

Hurry up to register now to make use of the available offers.  Call us for all details.


Dear Parent,

Even though you can search, compare and surly read all the news and articles without any registration, you still need to register to get the following great benefits:

  • Confused with the huge number of schools and choices.  Shorten your search by creating your own List of schools for easy reference and thinking.

  • Make your selection even easier by doing a simple and easy comparison of the specific schools in your list.  This will narrow your search even further.
  • Get updates, news, comments, etc on your kids' schools or any other school of interest to know what's going on.
  • Do others a favor and Share your comments on your kids school.  You can also comment on published articles. 


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