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...and StudySun rose...
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...and StudySun rose...
StudySun Team


Dear Father .. Dear Mother .. We feel with you

Is there any decision which is more important than choosing a school for your child where he or she can receive a level of education and tuition that enable him creating a bright future.

It is almost certain that all parents have gone through the difficult stage of deep thinking and confusion before deciding on a school for their kids.  They may have done everything in their power such as visiting plenty of schools, asking friends, and searching the net trying to reach a comfort level about their decision.

We can also be almost certain that many do not have the time or access to investigate about all schools to be assured that they did their duty at the required accuracy for such a decision.

For all that StudySun rose.. This site is designed to help you while you are at home in front of your computer to visit all schools and know them closely.. You can also consult a wide range of audience who have experienced and dealt with a school, and they are certainly more in number than your acquaintances.

We also open a window for you to send a message of thanks and gratitude to your children's school on their performance, which contributes to the enforcement of its services as well as benefit other parents seeking the opinion about the school. It can also contribute to improving the performance of the school through advising them about the points that require attention.

In addition, the site helps you in a task which is much harder than the first.  What is more complicated and harder than raising a child! There are many sites and books and magazines that talk about education and how to deal with children.  But how many of them you have read and felt that it is really talking about his son and his problems.  How many of them you felt that it gives practical solutions that can be applied outside the scope of the page that it was written in?  Many of these books have value ​​but do not take into account the practical method, or it could be a translation of foreign books which do not fit our traditions.

Once again StudySun enlightens the way for you and helps you in this mission-Impossible by discussing problems and issues in a friendly way based on the experiences of educators with real children from our society.

The StudySun team is near to you to help you .. Communicate with us to raise and educate our children and your children to benefit our community.


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