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How to find a school
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How to find a school




When we choose a new school for our children we feel the weight of responsibility as the decision is not easy since it affects the future of our children.  They are not room for experiments where you keep changing the school every year .. Continuous change has a negative impact on the child and his education as well as social relations.  He has to adapt each time with new teachers and new friends.

We all are looking for a school that offers a solid basis for a bright academic future, a school that discover their talents, a school we can trust to keep our children for eight hours daily for twelve years.

Due to this great responsibility, good preparation and research is a must.  Here are some tips to help you making an informed decision. We have divided these tips into groups for easier reference:

1.      You and your child

  • The fact that a school is very famous doesn’t necessarily means that it is the best choice for your child.   Understanding the personality and requirements of your child is more important than the characteristics and capabilities of the school.  You may not agree to them, but they are important, therefore, you have to discuss with him; especially if he is mature.  For example, perhaps your child is interested in sports, so he needs a school which provides sports activities and facilities. A school with a swimming pool or well equipped gyms to help him turns his hobby to an achievement.

  • What are the features and values that are most ​​important to you: Do you avoid mixed school? Are you interested in teaching your child music?

  • Make a list of the requirements of your child and yours, and try matching them to determine the main features of the school. This will help you to shorten the search journey a lot.

2.      School facilities

  • The size of the school building: Was the building designed primarily to be a school or it has been converted into a school.  The difference affects all the school facilities in terms of space , lightening, and even safety.

  • Class size: It is important to consider the number of students in the classroom especially for lower grades as the smaller the number, the more focus on each student can be obtained.
  • Facilities: availability, quality and cleanliness of facilities is very important.

3.      Education and tuition Aspects:

  • Curriculum: Do you want a school teaching the national (government) curriculum with a focus on English language or Foreign curriculum is a must.  In this case, the mother tongue of English teachers is important, especially for first grades.

  • Extra-curricular Activities: a lot of schools are equal in terms of the type of curriculum and their ability to teach, but what distinguish some schools is the quality and quantity of extracurricular activities such as music lessons or art,  or even having a section for learning difficulties for children with limited capacity. Won't you choose a school where your child will graduate mastering swimming or completed memorizing the Quran?

  • Quality of education: including books, qualifications of teachers and supervisors and teaching technologies such as digital board or iPad or others.

  • Homework: the amount of homework and the level of support required from you to help your child at home.

  • School policy: Does the school focus only on the academic side or also include the behavior and ethics. What is the school policy regarding student behavior, attendance, absence, safety, problems among students, etc.

4.      You and the school:

  • Location: It is necessary to choose a school that is not too far to be tiring for the child and consumes his time. The greater the distance the greater the cost of transport, as well as it becomes difficult for you to do regular visits to the school to follow up on your child. 

  • School fees. Get full information about fees and other explicit and implicit items, such as textbooks, stationery and other tools.  Also, take an idea about ​​the type of activities organized by the school and the cost to determine their suitability to your capabilities, You do not want to let your child down by rejecting an activity, nor you want to strain your budget, especially if you have more than one child in school. 
  • Ask also about the policy of discount or exemption of fees applicable in the school, such as discount for brothers or unions, etc.

5.      Experience of others:

  • There are features you won't be able to know without experience, so you need to ask friends and family about their experiences in schools.  But no matter how many friends you know, you won't be able to cover all schools and the experience may vary from person to person by grade or condition.  StudySun let you review the experience of wide range of people.  Don’t forget to add your own rating after your experience.

  • High school results are strong indicator showing the level of education for the school.

6.      Finding the right candidates:

  • Having identified what you want, do a search to identify the schools that meet your requirements. StudySun will help you in this search through its intelligent and comprehensive search engine.  You can see the available properties of a school and find out the opinions and evaluations done by other parents.

  • Perform a visit to the candidate schools to verify their details.  Make the visit during school days to see how teachers deal with students and to have a quick idea on the behavior of students.  Go around the school facilities such as the library, laboratory, computer labs, gym and others.

Finally, no one is perfect.  Most likely you won't be able to find a school with all what you want. So you must set priorities for you and your child.






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