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About Us
StudySun site is created to provide a unique reliable and trustable reference on choosing the right school for your child. 
StudySun is formed to close the gap currently we are facing in Jordan and the region.  There is no single inclusive resource providing practical advice on this subject.
StudySun provides a comprehensive search engine which captures all what you may think off about a school of your choice and returns you a list of schools matching your criteria.  You can then "visit" each school online through browsing its features and details.  You can also narrow your search by adding schools to your own list and perform comparison to help you further make an informed decision.
StudySun also features a wide range of articles designed to help you to learn everything you need to about your child's raising and education.  The articles are written by experts who also have children and thus went through the same experiences you are having.  Accordingly, the articles are written in a practical way to easily help you to apply the tips in real life.  We continuously add articles to the site to make it adapt to your requests and concerns, and we also keep all posted ones as a reference where you can always return again and again to consult     
 Our Background
StudySun was created by WhatsNew Information Technology Company. Both founders of the company faced the same issue you are facing in selecting a school for your child.   So, the site is based on real experience to help you.  Our focus is simply on providing you the highest quality tools that you can use to give your child the best education and raising possible.


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